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As a small, hard-working consultancy / trading company based in West London, we were established in 2008 and hit the ground running with our direct approach to helping exporters find success. However in 2011 our target markets moved from Economic Crash with low Oil prices into the Arab Spring made trade prohibitive. Now with stability returning and Oil prices increasing there are large scale opportunities in Infrastructure / Ports / Airports / Hydrocarbon sectors. We offer our clients a full package of market access, based on real experiences gained. A good example is in Libya where we work with our sister company SEAWING COMPANY for Import Heavy Machinery and Equipment Ltd to provide installation, commissioning, training, warranty and after sales services.
Alan Rides MIEx (Grad)
Founder and Principal


A mature export developement specialist having worked for the following major and SME complanies

Metal Box - UK Industrial manufacturer

Diageo - International Drinks conglomerate

Mannia Corp - Qatar - London Trading office

Alperton - UK leading Export Trading House once holding dealerships for LandRover, JCB, Terex, CooperCameron, Elastec, Vomal. etc

DIT London Trade Team - Lead on MENA


Getting up close to British industry visiting Port Talbot Steel Works to understand better Iron ore being imported / steel production and products being exported 

Discussing issues for UK Exporters at a regional business meeting in Dubai between Gulf & MENA countries.


Now what is for the main course?

What goals have you set?

Where do you want to score your export success? 

What export business will youwin?



Alan has travelled all over the Middle East and lived in the territory. Here is is seen with Lord Temple Morris, Michael Thomas UKTI and customers at a stand he organised for Hyster Forklift Trucks brand launch as part of their new dealership resulting in the largest single order that year for the factory

Keeping long term relationships is critical in business

Visiting customers sites to discuss 
production problems and improve productivety

Accepting "best dealer in the Middle East award"

Recycling discussions with Municipalities - from Mayors to depot and site managers


Some Royal support is always good at an exhibition for a small company

       Dubai vistors in London            UAE Jabai Ali FTZ Office.     Have a Dragon on your side

  Where do you go to to find your next overseas customer in MENA

“We're a small and growing consultancy. We look forward to meeting you and your team and helping you define your goals, develope solutions - and realize them! So what are you waiting for, let's meet​" 

Alan Rides, Principal ARC Consultant 

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